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How CPG Companies can Engage with Gen Z in the Metaverse

Is it really important for brands to craft a marketing strategy that allows them to be active in the metaverse? And who are the current users? Both consumers and brands are still figuring out how to navigate the metaverse. Needless to say, the integration of virtual and physical is the future, and brands will need to adapt to this new reality.

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Beatrice Soncina Beatrice Soncina

The power of cross-sector collaborations

If you ever came across a campaign that really caught your eye because you found it amusing, emotional or interesting due to a particular collaboration you know exactly what I mean. This is called a cross-sector collaboration.

A cross-sector collaboration helps companies achieve a mutually shared purpose and helps gain a competitive edge. This article explores how different business entities can partner to create an outcome that can be beneficial for both brands and for young consumers today.

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Elizabeth Pasquinelli Elizabeth Pasquinelli