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How to build an online community

Humans are naturally pack animals and want to attach themselves to other like-minded people. This includes family, friend groups and now this real life concept has entered the digital world. Social media platforms like Instagram, Reddit, and Facebook have accelerated the adoption of online communities to the point it has become an expectation from consumers. This is especially the case for Gen Z who are the main catalysts for the growing need for online communities. For this reason, every brand should aim to create an online community, with community members who are brand advocates, offline and online.

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Nathan Konga Nathan Konga

How CPG companies can sell wellness to Gen Z

Post-pandemic there is an increased demand for wellness products, largely driven by Gen Z who are pioneering a broader picture of health. As the younger generation rises in importance, commanding $360 billion in disposable income as of 2021, it is vital to understand their needs. In this article we consider four case studies, to understand how brands might capture new consumer interest in the wellness industry.

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Gabrielle Carruthers Gabrielle Carruthers

How CPG Companies can Engage with Gen Z in the Metaverse

Is it really important for brands to craft a marketing strategy that allows them to be active in the metaverse? And who are the current users? Both consumers and brands are still figuring out how to navigate the metaverse. Needless to say, the integration of virtual and physical is the future, and brands will need to adapt to this new reality.

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Beatrice Soncina Beatrice Soncina

How feminism could empower the future of CPG

For Generation Z, representation goes beyond non-sexist, non-traditional gender roles. We are one of the most diverse generations yet, and we want to see this diversity reflected in the advertising and brand initiatives we see.

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Karen Rickers Karen Rickers