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Exploring Gen Z’s Love Affair with Escapism: Trends and Insights

Escapism is a common way for people to deal with the fast-paced and connected world we live in today, and Gen Z is no exception. This generation grew up during a time of rapid technological advancements and social reconstruction. Dealing with such changes can be overwhelming. Because of this, they have a strong tendency to try to find comfort and relief from the pressures of everyday life in different ways.

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Tatenda Musekiwa Tatenda Musekiwa

Gen Z vs. Millennial Marketing – How to Target Gen Z

When it comes to marketing strategy, there is a danger of grouping Millennials and Generation Z into one category, a monolithic ‘Young People’. Closer analysis will reveal a set of key differences between these groups, and failure to recognise these could alienate your ideal customer. In this article we discuss the differences between Gen Z (age range 11-26) and Millennials (aged 27-42), based on their worldview and values, before revealing what makes for uniquely Gen Z marketing.

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Gabrielle Carruthers Gabrielle Carruthers

Decoding Gen Z in China

Gen Z are making an impact worldwide, from the Americas to Asia Pacific, so we will take a closer look at what makes Gen Z in different parts of the world unique or similar compared to their peers in the rest of the world. In this blog post, we want to try and decode Gen Z in China.

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Karen Rickers Karen Rickers

What Makes Gen Z Different?

At The Red Flower Factory, we work to help leaders in the CPG industry to understand the needs of the Next Generation of consumers. But we’ve noticed that many clients are still trying to target Millennials.  One of the partners at our parent company Sevendots asked us, ‘Why should our clients look at Gen Z? What makes Gen Z different to Millennials?’

In this article, we break it down: how Gen Z is different to previous generations, and what this means for brand owners everywhere.

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Beatrice Soncina Beatrice Soncina