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We have always lived online.

We’re the first generations of ‘digital natives’. How we access goods and services comes from a whole new perspective.

85% of us learn about new products through social media. (NAPCO Research)

We are coming of age in a climate crisis.

We’re tasked with a foreboding future: unprecedented climate change, threatening our survival. Understanding brands means understanding their role in the future of consumption.

After taste and price, Gen Z care about the environmental impact and sustainability of the brands they buy. (IRI, 2021)

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Riccardo Demi

Marketing for startups
Djungle Studio

These GenZers are unlocking a crazy amount of value for big heritage brands looking to stay relevant in the coming years!


Eleonora Acierno

Marketing Manager
Cornetto & Magnum Italy

The Red Flower Factory helped us to get in tune with their generation with a refreshing and effective process involving their advisory board of GenZ talent!

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👁‍🗨 For open-minded and innovative people, searching for inspiration. Beware of imitations.

Keeping up with a ticking trend cycle in the TikTok era

In the past, a trend cycle could be anywhere from 5-10 years, with new trends introduced by public figures, celebrities and corporations. However, with the introduction of social media and particularly TikTok, trends are fast and fleeting, more aptly described as ‘microtrends’. This can be difficult for brands to navigate, and almost impossible for trend forecasters to pin down, as by the time a trend arises it is already too late to develop new products. In this article we consider ways that brands can gain Gen Z attention without chasing every trend that passes by.

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Gabrielle Carruthers Gabrielle Carruthers

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