We are
the resource to ensure
that your business thrives
for generations to come

About Us

In 2020, Gen Zaccounted for 26% of global consumers, with a buying power of $150 billion.

Consumer habits and trends are continually evolving. With change only accelerating, we offer CPG brands the creative solutions that ensure they thrive into the future. We provide thinking by the Next Gen, for the Next Gen.


Our Approach

We know how NFTs work and why you need them.
Our disruptive business solutions integrate the priorities of the next generation of consumers and inspire business decision makers. United with young opinion leaders, we access the future of consumer trends.


In our analysis of the online landscape, we highlight and leverage disruptive perspectives and thoughts.


We engage with the opinion leaders of the next generation, decoding their thoughts and perspectives to provide inspiration and direction to our clients.


By giving voice to the Next Gen and collaborating with them, we craft new offers and communication solutions which are aimed at positively impacting our future.


Our Unique Toolbelt

Smart Scrolling

Leveraging trends and weak signals that emerge from the social media landscape.


Brands want to understand the next generation and they want to be heard by brands. The Vibechecks allow us to decode the Vibe of the Next Gen, by engaging with them on the topic at hand.

Incubator Z

Our creative phase, an incubator of innovative ideas to help brands align their offering and messaging to the needs of the Next Gen.