The Engine

Project work

We are a small team, and despite our size, we take on big projects, for big brands (such as Unilever and the likes). How do we do it?
We rely on the Loop, our community of brilliant GenZers to help us help our clients.

As a Loop member, you will have the chance of making your voice heard and impact the way big companies do business. You will take part in our Vibechecks, where you have the chance to network with other people like you and express your genuine opinion on various different topics, and get paid for it. We also offer the chance to do some paid research work to kickstart our consulting projects.

🌟 Why should you care about this role?

• Tell us what you think. We want to hear your opinion, as a Gen Z, on what brands are doing and what you would like to see from them.
• Put theory into action. We can use your business acumen, and academic background in general. This time you are not going to be given a case from a textbook but real-world problems to investigate.
• Never the same. Each client is different, each market is different. Research different problems every time around.
• You set the stage. Every piece of research you do sets the stage for the work our consultants will do on the business problem at hand. It’s critical input.

🥢 How did we design this role?

• Flexibility. For research projects, we give you the problem, and let you research when and how you prefer. No micromanaging. For the vibechecks, you will only need to dedicate a couple of ours of your time, and they will be scheduled at a date and time that works for the whole group.
• Guidance. We are here to help you understand the brief when unclear and suggest best practices.

🌱 The details of the offer

• Compensation: between €120 and €150 for each research project. €60 in voucher for the Vibechecks
• Time horizons: generally, a 2 weeks turnaround, or a couple of hours for the Vibechecks
• Expected output: The research: 30-50 page pptx document. The Vibechecks: your genuine opinion.

👋 How to apply

Fill out the form at the link below! We will add you to our Loop database and will get in touch directly when we have opportunities that suit your profile.


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