is your brand
performing with Gen Z ?

Gen Z is a growing consumer base for CPG companies. In 2022, Business Insider, estimated Gen Z spending power at over $140 billion. CPG companies need to update their strategy to meet the evolving needs of this younger cohort.

How can we help?

The Next Gen Fit Score

The Next Gen Fit Score captures insight into the relationship between your brand and Gen Z.

The Next Gen Fit Score provides CPG companies with the tools to identify areas of strength and brand gaps when engaging with Gen Z.

We give you the right tools to analyse, assess and implement disruptive solutions to align your brand strategy with the needs and expectations of Gen Z.


How does it work?

We use specific KPIs that give a well-rounded view of your performance against your competition:


Share of mind and Pocket




Advocacy / Endorsement

We have already ranked a varied set of CPG brands across different categories (food, beverages, personal care and home care) and across different geographies (including USA, UK, China, Brazil and Germany) and here is what we have learned:

⭐️ Established brands are good at making Gen Z feel cool. The ‘cool’ factor is vital for Gen Z buy-in, with cool collaborations and influencers acting as the key to the Gen Z heart.

⭐️ Gen Z is a heavily visual generation. Their motto is: see it, share it, love it.

⭐️ Gen Z want brands that walk the talk and provide them with ways to get involved in positive societal contributions. While smaller brands perform better on this front, big brands can still learn from them.

⭐️ Affordability and accessibility remain fundamental elements of Gen Z’s closeness to brands, and taste remains a table stake.

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